Experience unrivaled security with Infinity Papers’ UV Fiber Paper. Its dual-layered security features, including visible and invisible UV fibers, combat duplication and fraud effectively. Customizable with embedded elements for enhanced protection.


a. Fully embedded security thread paper and window thread paper

b. Important Information such as Company name, etc.can be added in the paper.


Product Description

Elevate your document security to new heights with Infinity Papers’ UV Fiber Paper. Crafted with precision, this paper is equipped with a range of sophisticated security features that stand as a robust defense against duplication, fraud, and imitation.

This specialized paper boasts two distinctive types of UV fibers—visible and invisible. The visible fibers are readily detectable by the naked eye on the paper’s surface, immediately signaling the authenticity of the document. Meanwhile, the invisible fibers remain hidden until exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, revealing their distinct colors such as red, blue, or yellow. These intricate features offer a multi-layered approach to security, making the paper exceptionally difficult to replicate.

The distribution of these fibers varies in terms of thickness, length, and density, creating an added level of complexity that further thwarts counterfeiting efforts. This randomness in fiber distribution ensures that the security elements are unique to each document, reinforcing the paper’s authenticity.

Infinity Papers also provides the flexibility to incorporate traditional single-tone and two-tone watermarks, adding an additional layer of security that aligns with client preferences. Furthermore, the paper can include fully embedded security threads and window threads, fortifying the protection measures against tampering and counterfeiting.

In addition, this paper allows for the seamless inclusion of essential information, such as company names and other key details, directly within the paper itself. This integrated approach enhances both security and convenience.

Designed to meet the stringent demands of secure documents, UV Fiber Paper from Infinity Papers redefines the standards of document security. With an assortment of customizable options and a commitment to cutting-edge technology, this paper is your ultimate solution for safeguarding critical information.