INFITUFF – Uncoated

– Sharp and Crisp Printing
– Superior Opacity
– Natural, Earthy, and Organic Look

– GSM Range: 130 to 275
– Available in both reel and sheet form, in standard and customized sizes

Discover the pinnacle of tear and water resistance with InfiTuff Uncoated Specialty Paper. Known for its sharp printing, superior opacity, and earthy charm, it excels in commercial printing and enduring preservation.


Product Description

Introducing InfiTuff Uncoated Specialty Paper, renowned for its remarkable tear and water resistance features. This paper stands as a testament to durability, elegance, and lasting quality, making it a preferred choice for diverse applications.

InfiTuff Uncoated boasts a white shade that ensures crisp, sharp print reproduction, upholding the highest standards in printing quality. Its performance in finishing and bindery rivals that of classic maplitho papers, offering a familiar touch while introducing enhanced resilience against tearing and water exposure.

The paper’s superior opacity and excellent surface and strength characteristics set it apart. With low porousness, the InfiTuff paper range absorbs minimal water, thereby elevating its durability quotient. This attribute makes it particularly suited for commercial printing, where longevity and resilience are crucial factors.

InfiTuff Uncoated Specialty Paper finds its purpose in a multitude of applications. From essential documents like property registrations, agreement documents, and bank account applications, to packaging, file folders, brochures, credit card jackets, event tickets, ID cards, outdoor signage, posters, wristbands, racing bibs, menu cards, visiting cards, airline tags, travel guides, and maps—this paper is the epitome of versatility and endurance. Elevate your documents with InfiTuff’s exceptional tear resistance and timeless charm, ensuring their preservation for generations.

InfiTuff’s commitment to quality extends beyond its functional aspects. The paper imparts a natural, earthy, and organic aesthetic that resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers. Designed to stand the test of time, InfiTuff emanates a sense of authenticity and endurance.