Elevate your projects with InfiTuff Coated Specialty Paper. Combining a glossy allure with tear and water resistance, it ensures superior print quality, enhanced imagery, and lasting appeal.

– Superior Gloss Feel
– Enhanced Printing Quality

– GSM Range: 135-260
– Available in both reel and sheet form, in standard and customized sizes


Product Description

Experience the synergy of aesthetics and durability with InfiTuff Coated Specialty Paper. Designed to cater to commercial needs, this paper offers a glossy finish that elevates the visual appeal of graphics, making them more captivating and attention-grabbing.

InfiTuff Coated is your gateway to enhanced printing quality and vibrant imagery. It breathes life into graphics, resulting in better images that are more attractive and aesthetic. The high folding count further exemplifies its robustness, ensuring your creations remain pristine even after repeated handling.

While delivering a glossy sheen, InfiTuff Coated retains the benefits of tear and water resistance, combining aesthetics with functionality. This paper is a testament to the seamless blend of form and function, catering to both visual appeal and durability.

InfiTuff Coated Specialty Paper finds its application in an array of premium projects. From premium brochures and photo albums that demand brilliance, to high-strength promotional bags, credit card jackets, event tickets, ID cards, outdoor signage, posters, wristbands, racing bibs, menu cards, visiting cards, airline tags, travel guides, and maps, this paper offers versatility that aligns with your most creative visions. Elevate your designs with InfiTuff Coated’s exceptional gloss and lasting durability, ensuring your creations leave an indelible mark.

The use of gloss papers extends beyond aesthetics; it also contributes to better readability. The glossy surface enhances the legibility of text, making letters more distinct and visible to the average reader.