INFILOPE – Tear Resistant & Water Resistant Envelopes

Introducing InfiLope Tear Resistant Envelopes by Infinity—a fortified solution designed to guarantee the safety and security of documents during transit. These envelopes ensure unyielding sturdiness and reliability, catering to the demands of couriering and transportation.



  • High-Quality Tear Resistance
  • Water-Tight and Air-Tight Packaging


  • GSM: 105


Product Description

The role of envelopes in safeguarding documents cannot be understated. Especially in the context of couriering, where documents traverse various destinations, envelopes must exhibit unwavering strength and resilience to ensure the safety of their contents. Recognizing this crucial requirement, Infinity presents InfiLope Tear Resistant Envelopes—a solution that redefines the envelope’s role in document protection.

InfiLope envelopes are engineered to withstand the rigors of transit. Tear resistance, a defining feature, ensures that your documents remain intact and secure throughout their journey. The high-quality tear resistance of InfiLope envelopes speaks volumes about their commitment to safeguarding your valuable contents.

Water-tight and air-tight packaging adds another layer of protection to InfiLope envelopes. These features guard against moisture, ensuring that your documents remain pristine and legible, even in unfavorable conditions.

With a GSM of 105, InfiLope envelopes strike the perfect balance between strength and weight. This optimal weight ensures that the envelope offers enhanced protection without compromising on usability or convenience.

InfiLope Tear Resistant Envelopes address the widespread and essential need for dependable document protection. Their superior tear resistance, water-tight properties, and optimal weight make them a reliable choice for any document transportation scenario.

Choose InfiLope Tear Resistant Envelopes for your couriering and transportation needs, and experience the peace of mind that comes from entrusting your valuable documents to a solution designed to ensure their safety and security.