INFILABEL – RED – A4 Addressing Labels


a. Strong Adhesive Bond

b. Treated Printing Surface for Excellent Sharpness

c. Low Ink Consumption for Cost Effective Printing

d. Suitable for All Printing Methods – Inkjet, Laser and Digital

e. Available in All Standard Die Cut Label Sizes

Experience the pinnacle of label performance with InfiLabel Addressing Labels from Infinity Security Papers. Our high-quality, adhesive-rich labels ensure safe delivery and sharp printing results, setting new standards for reliability.


Product Description

Infinity Security Papers recognizes the vital role that label papers play in various applications. Presenting InfiLabel Addressing Labels, a product line that combines professional print quality with exceptional adhesive properties, revolutionizing label performance.

Within the InfiLabel range, the emphasis on professional print quality is evident through impeccable image contrast, clarity, and sharpness. These characteristics not only enhance the visual appeal of your labels but also bolster their functionality.

The adhesive excellence of InfiLabel Addressing Labels ensures a strong bond that withstands the rigors of handling and transportation. This adhesive’s high tack and capability for high-speed printing and die-cutting make it an invaluable asset for applications demanding efficiency and precision.

InfiLabel Addressing Labels are designed to confront extreme climatic conditions head-on, ensuring that your labels remain intact and readable regardless of external factors.

Our addressing labels cater to a diverse range of needs. From envelopes to small parcels and packages, these labels guarantee secure delivery. The treated printing surface enhances the quality of your printed text and graphics, while its ink-saving properties ensure cost-effective printing.

InfiLabel Addressing Labels are versatile, suitable for all printing methods including inkjet, laser, and digital printing. This adaptability ensures that the labels integrate seamlessly into your existing printing setup, regardless of the technology employed.

Available in a variety of standard die-cut label sizes, InfiLabel Addressing Labels from Infinity Security Papers embody reliability, excellence, and trust. With a commitment to safeguarding your valuable items and enhancing your branding, these labels deliver on their promise of uncompromising quality.