Discover the pinnacle of document security with Infinity Papers’ Embedded Image Mark Paper. Its patented technology showcases multi-color image marks, visible under external light, providing unreplicable security. Ideal for various applications and available in multiple GSM ranges.


  • Seed Tax
  • Certificates
  • E-Stamping
  • Passbooks
  • Ration Cards
  • Royalty Passes
  • Policy Certificates
  • Health Card
  • Permits
  • Birth & Death Certificate 
  • And Many More


  1. Multi coloured Imaging Embedded
  2. Can’t be duplicated 



Product Description

Elevate your document security to unmatched levels with Infinity Papers’ revolutionary Embedded Image Mark Paper. This specialized and patented product is the result of years of in-house research and development, designed to meet the demands of the most secure documents.

At the heart of this technology lies the Embedded Image Mark – an overt security feature that sets new standards in anti-counterfeiting measures. When viewed under normal lighting conditions, the embedded multi-color image mark is subtly visible, occupying only 30% of the surface. However, when exposed to an external light source, the multi-color image mark comes to life, distinctly revealing its intricate details.

This dynamic security feature holds a distinct advantage over traditional watermarking methods. Unlike conventional single-color watermarks, the embedded image mark boasts multiple colors, intensifying its complexity and security. What’s more, the advanced technology behind this feature ensures that it cannot be duplicated through standard printing methods.

The Embedded Image Mark Paper finds its application in a diverse range of contexts. From official documents like certificates, policy certificates, birth and death certificates, to essential items like passbooks, ration cards, health cards, and permits, this paper ensures the protection of crucial information. It’s particularly well-suited for sensitive documents like seed tax documentation and royalty passes.

Available in various GSM ranges including 130, 150, 180, 200, and 220, Infinity Papers’ Embedded Image Mark Paper combines cutting-edge security features with exceptional quality. Elevate the integrity of your documents and safeguard against counterfeiting with this innovative solution that redefines the concept of document security.